Speakers Bureau

Meet Our Speakers

Aaron Herzberg

Partner/General Counsel, CalCann Holdings, Inc.

Aaron Raskin

Creative Producer - Harbinger Pro

Adam Cohen

Founder & Managing Director, MJardin

Adam Fayne

Partner, Arnstein & Lehr LLP

Adam Orens

Founding Partner, Marijuana Policy Group

AJ Gentile

CEO, SpeedWeed

Alan Brochstein

Founder at 420 Investor & 420 Funders

Alan Hawkins

Executive Director, ARCPC

Alen Nguyen

CEO, Green Thumb Industries

Allison Graham

Senior Producer at
Alpha Girl Productions, LLC

Amanda Ostrowitz, Esq.

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Amy Jenkins

Director of Legislative Affairs, CCIA

Andy Joseph

President, Apeks Supercritical

Andy Williams

President & CEO, Medicine Man

Ariel Clark

Founding Partner

Assemblyman Rob Bonta

California State Assemblyman

Barb Van Hare

Executive Coach, enVision

Ben Larson

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Gateway

Ben Tyson

Founder & CEO

Betty Aldworth

Executive Director, Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Blair Koch

CEO- The Alternative Board, Denver West

Bob Morgan

Special Counsel, Much Shelist

Bradley Orr

CEO - Delta 9

Brandon Twine

Executive Coach, enVision

Bruce Barcott

Author, "Weed The People"

Carol Kaufman

Founder & CEO, Alternatives TLC, LLC

Carter Laren

Co-Founder, Gateway

Celeste Miranda

Chief Executive Officer, The Cannabis Marketing Labs

Chris Bunka

CEO, Lexaria Corp.

Chris McElvany

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, O.PenVAPE

Chris Rentner

Founder & CEO Akouba Credit - "Advancing Possibilities"

Chris Sayegh

Chief Executive Officer/Head Chef, The Herbal Chef

Chris Walker

General Manager USA, Heliospectra AB

Circe Wallace

Sports Agent

Courtney Betty

Founder Timeless Herbal Jamaica

Craig Shell

Founder, Lake County Cannabis Growers Alliance

Cy Scott

Co-Founder & Head of Product, Leafly

Dale Sky Jones

Executive Chancellor, Oaksterdam University

Dan Perrin

U.S. Senate Steering Committee

Daniel Goldstein

VP Strategic Investments @ iCAN

Daniel Yazbeck

CEO & Founder, MyDx, Inc.

Dave Charnick


David Evans

Executive Director, Drug Free Schools Coalition

David Friedman

CEO - MJIC, Inc.

David Goldstein

CEO & Co-Founder, PotBotics