Speakers Bureau

Meet Our Speakers

Aaron Herzberg

Partner/General Counsel, CalCann Holdings, Inc.

Aaron Raskin

Creative Producer - Harbinger Pro

Adam Cohen

Founder & Managing Director, MJardin

Adam Fayne

Partner, Arnstein & Lehr LLP

Adam Orens

Founding Partner, Marijuana Policy Group

AJ Gentile

CEO, SpeedWeed

Alan Brochstein

Founder at 420 Investor & 420 Funders

Alan Hawkins

Executive Director, ARCPC

Alen Nguyen

CEO, Green Thumb Industries

Allison Graham

Senior Producer at
Alpha Girl Productions, LLC

Amanda Ostrowitz, Esq.

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Amy Jenkins

Director of Legislative Affairs, CCIA

Andy Joseph

President, Apeks Supercritical

Andy Williams

President & CEO, Medicine Man

Ariel Clark

Founding Partner

Assemblyman Rob Bonta

California State Assemblyman

Barb Van Hare

Executive Coach, enVision

Ben Larson

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Gateway

Ben Tyson

Founder & CEO

Betty Aldworth

Executive Director, Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Blair Koch

CEO- The Alternative Board, Denver West

Bob Morgan

Special Counsel, Much Shelist

Bradley Orr

CEO - Delta 9

Brandon Twine

Executive Coach, enVision

Bruce Barcott

Author, "Weed The People"

Carol Kaufman

Founder & CEO, Alternatives TLC, LLC

Carter Laren

Co-Founder, Gateway

Celeste Miranda

Chief Executive Officer, The Cannabis Marketing Labs

Chris Bunka

CEO, Lexaria Corp.

Chris McElvany

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, O.PenVAPE

Chris Rentner

Founder & CEO Akouba Credit - "Advancing Possibilities"

Chris Sayegh

Chief Executive Officer/Head Chef, The Herbal Chef

Chris Walker

General Manager USA, Heliospectra AB

Courtney Betty

Founder Timeless Herbal Jamaica

Craig Shell

Founder, Lake County Cannabis Growers Alliance

Cy Scott

Co-Founder & Head of Product, Leafly

Dale Sky Jones

Executive Chancellor, Oaksterdam University

Dan Perrin

U.S. Senate Steering Committee

Daniel Goldstein

VP Strategic Investments @ iCAN

Daniel Yazbeck

CEO & Founder, MyDx, Inc.

Dave Charnick


David Evans

Executive Director, Drug Free Schools Coalition

David Friedman

CEO - MJIC, Inc.

David Goldstein

CEO & Co-Founder, PotBotics